5 Crucial Tips For Installing Paver Patios

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Any outdoor area can be transformed into a happening entertainment spot with the help of a few pavers. Paver patios are relatively inexpensive and, when done correctly, make a complementary yet functional addition to your backyard landscape. When installing paver patios, you should always keep these important tips in mind for the best results:

Plant Your Pavers on Solid Ground

Having a firm, stable foundation is an important first step towards installing your ideal paver patio. At least 6 inches of soil should be removed from the area, as you'll need enough clearance to add the paver base, sand and the pavers themselves. As the paver base is added, it should be tamped down as tightly as possible for a firm surface.

Not only should you have a solid foundation but it should also be clean as well. Any and all shrubs, stumps and roots should be removed as you prepare the ground for your paver patio surface.

Block Weeds and Other Growth with a Barrier

Landscaping barrier fabric can help prevent weeds and other grasses from breaking through and growing in between the pavers. Make sure the fabric's edges are cut so they fit neatly into place without exposing any part of the paver patio area.

Don't Let Runoff Ruin Your Home

A flat surface such as your paver patio will invariably allow rainwater to wash over it and, in many cases, towards your home. Water runoff can ruin foundations, destroy walkways and make a mess of your landscaping.

It's always good practice to carefully slope the surface your paver patio so it directs runoff away from your home.

Don't Be Afraid to Mix It Up

Color uniformity can easily make a paver patio appear boring and indistinct. Instead, mix things up by alternating pavers with either slight color shading variations or complementary colors that suit the main theme. You can also experiment with color-coordinated patterns for a distinctive and attractive appearance.

A Wet Saw Helps You Make the Cut

Sooner or later, you're going to have to make a few custom cuts in order to round out your paver patio project. At this point, you can:

  • Rent a wet saw from your local home improvement store or from a construction equipment rental outlet and make the cuts yourself.
  • Pay a local landscape or supply company to cut the pavers to your specifications.

Always exercise caution when operating dangerous cutting equipment. Also, always follow the instructions for the equipment you're using. For more tips, contact a company that specializes in hardscaping, like Green Acres.