3 Ways To Make Moving With Pets Easier

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Moving is always hard. Moving with pets is even harder. Pets can't understand what is happening, and all the commotion around moving can end up being very stressful to them. Since you love your pets, you want for the move to go as smoothly as possible. With just a few suggestions, you can make your move easier. 

1. Get them used to crates. 

A crate is the safest way to transport your pet. A cat or dog wandering loose in your car can be dangerous to everyone. Not only can a crate keep your pets safe while you are traveling, it can also help to de-stress them. Both cats and dogs like to have somewhere dark to den when they are stressed. A crate can be that place.

However, many pets aren't going to just jump into one if they have never used a crate before. Getting your pet used to a crate can take some time. You should start a few weeks before the move. Leave the crate open so that your pet can explore it at their leisure. Try putting treats in there so that your pet associates the crate with good things. After a couple of weeks or so, your pet should be much more comfortable in their crate. 

2. Talk to your vet. Your vet can give you some medicine for your pet to help make the move easier. If your pet gets motion sick, you don't want to have to drive for hours with vomit in your car. Your vet can prescribe motion sickness medication for your pet. It will make the move much easier on them as well as you.

Your doctor can also prescribe medicine to help with an anxious pet. Some pets are going to be stressed about the move no matter what. For those pets, the best way to help them is to get some medicine that can help with that anxiety. Those medicines can keep your pet calm while you are driving. 

3. Plan plenty of breaks. Cats and dogs are both going to need to get out of their crates. They will need to make calls of nature. And just like you, your pet will get antsy if they are shut up and sitting for too long. Let them out of the crate, and let them walk around the car or outside for a few minutes. It should make the next part of your trip easier. 

Your pets are going to be stressed and anxious because of the move. You can make everything easier on them, and on yourself with these suggestions. Talk to moving companies such as http://www.midwaymoving.com to learn about other suggestions they might have to make your move less stressful.