Decorate Your Home's Windows With Ancient-Looking Halloween Curtains

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As you are decorating your home's interior for Halloween this year, don't forget to adorn you windows with spooky decorations. Turn your window into a haunted house window with tattered curtains that flutter in the nighttime breeze. These instructions will teach you how to make two types of haunted curtains for your home windows.

Indoor-only Haunted Curtains

For a set of spooky, tattered Halloween curtain decorations, you will only need to buy a roll of black crepe paper streamers for each window. 

Begin by measuring your window from the top of the window to the bottom window sill. Then cut strips from your crepe paper roll in this length.

It is a good idea to vary the length of each strip by up to six inches, so when you hang them all in your window, the strips will be different lengths to give the curtains a tattered look. You can cut your strips longer to reach all the way to the floor for the look of a long curtain. 

With a pair of scissors, make random snips, 1 to 2-inches apart, down the sides of your streamers. Make the snips anywhere from 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch deep. Don't cut too far into the streamers or else the streamers will be likely to tear after they are hung.

Next, crinkle up each streamer into a ball, then smooth it back out. This will give your streamer an old look that the curtains in haunted houses have. 

Tape up each of your streamers along the top of your window sill. You can pull the streamers back on either side of your window, or leave them hanging loose to darken the room.

Indoor and Outdoor Haunted Curtains

If you need some curtains that will adorn a porch, outdoor shed, or also inside your home, using water resistant materials can make a similar looking window covering.

With a black vinyl table cloth, or a black garbage bag, you can make some draperies that look centuries-old.

You will need approximately one tablecloth, or one to two garbage bags to cover one window in your home. If you have an extra-wide window, you will need two tablecloths or three garbage bags.

Unfold your tablecloth or garbage bag so that it is still folded up one direction. This will allow you to make just a few cuts while cutting through several layers at the same time. If you want to unfold the entire thing, you can do so, but it will take you a little longer to do the cutting. 

With a pair of scissors, cut 1 1/2-inch wide strips into the length of the plastic, leaving about three inches uncut at the top of the plastic garbage bag or tablecloth. It is okay if some of the strips are uneven or break off because this will contribute to the old look of your draperies. You can even pull on some of the strips to stretch them slightly adding more age to the draperies.

Tape the tattered drapes up in your window or other entryway and you can tie them to the sides or let them blow in the breeze.

With both of these easy Halloween craft ideas your house will look haunted in no time.