Repairing Glass At Home And On The Road

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Smash! The sound of a broken window somewhere in the house. The first thought is "is everyone and everything alright"? Once that is dealt with, the second thought is, "how do I fix this mess"? Glass repair is definitely not a do-it-yourself project. You will need a professional for this one. Even if a window is not completely broken, cracks compromise weather seals on multiple pane windows. This can lead to moisture between the panes and window fogging.

On larger windows, the glass pane plays a structural role, as well as giving you a clear view. More than being unsightly, cracks in the glass weaken the window and can affect the structural integrity of the entire wall. Ignoring cracked glass puts your home at risk of more damage and even costlier repair bills.

Glass Gives a Clear View of the Road

Home window glass isn't the only thing that can require repair by glass professionals. Almost anyone who has owned a vehicle has heard the unique sound of a stone hitting the windshield. Often a little chip is all there is, at the start, but little chips tend to grow.

Acting fast for vehicle glass can save you from needing a full replacement. It is possible to seal the chip and early stage cracks. If you don't, then, as the days and weeks go by, the spider's web of cracks creep across you field of vision. Once that happens, it is time for a full windshield replacement. An early chip repair can save you money. Depending on your auto insurance, it may even save you a bump in premiums.

Glass is More than Windows

Window glass repair may not be as common as vehicle glass repair but it does happen. It may happen more if you live near a golf course or a play ground. Windows are probably not the only thing made of glass in your home. It is easy to find glass including these common items:

  • mirrors

  • shower enclosures

  • table tops

  • display cabinets

  • fireplace doors

  • decorative glass art

If you find a chip or crack in any of these, contact a glass repair professional. They can help you assess whether, a fix is possible or, if replacement is necessary. Repairing an antique may not help the piece's resale value. If that antique is more of sentimental family heirloom, then having it repaired can add a new layer to the family's story about it.

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