How To Turn Your Dining Table Into A Multipurpose Area

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If you have a family, then you probably already know that the dining room table is for much more than just eating. It is a place for doing homework, working on art projects, and surfing the web. However, using your dining table for multiple purposes can often be frustrating make setting it for meals a bit more time consuming than most parents would like. Here are a few ideas to turn your dining room table into a multipurpose work space that make clean up simple and quick. 

Install a Bookshelf Beneath Your Table 

Depending on the size of your dining room table, you may be able to install a small book shelf along its center. Your children can keep school and art supplies organized on these shelves for easy access and quick cleanup. 

If you are looking for a new dining table, many modern tables with pedestal support have shelves or cabinets already installed. Alternatively, you can opt for a table that has a single shelf below the table top. These provide a place to quickly store multiple laptops or school books during meals, so are a good choice if you have more than one child. 

If your children are still young, you might choose to make a small box that they can rest their feet on while seated at the table instead of a shelf. You can keep their coloring supplies in the box for in between meals. This not only provides storage, but also helps promote healthy posture in your young child. 

Consider Caddies 

Caddies are a great way to keep your children's things organized on the way from the cupboard to the table and back again. Your children can have a fun time selecting an old box for their school supplies and decorating it to suit their own tastes. Some great options for caddies include tool boxes, makeup boxes, and lunch boxes. 

The trick to getting your kids to use their caddies is to make sure it has lots of fun compartments for them to utilize. Elementary and middle school aged children enjoy collecting and sorting items, so a caddy is a great choice for this age. 

Letting your children do homework or color at the dining table not only provides a solid working surface for them, but also lets you supervise their progress while you make supper or complete other household chores. Just follow these tips and shop at places like Vandenberg Furniture to make sure your table is clear when it is time for a meal.