Must-Haves For The Remote Control Junkie

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If you love gadgets or are a remote control junkie, the options for controlling your home environment are seemingly endless. For decades, people have been using handheld controllers for TVs and garage doors. Today, objects that can be controlled from a distance have pervaded every part of life. When you just can't get enough, here are some unusual things that can be remote controlled to simplify your life.

Pet Feeders

If you're out of town for the day or have been asked to work late at the office, you still need to be sure Fido gets fed. A handful of manufacturers have expanded upon the automatic feeders of days past to make them fully controllable from virtually anywhere, allowing you to dispense food into your pet's bowl so they don't go hungry. Some can be manipulated through an app on your smartphone, and others come with a camera for the OCD sufferer who just can't get back to work until they're sure their pet has eaten. Others allow you to talk to your four-legged friend while they munch away. How about this remote controlled pet feeder that allows you to work on social media and dump food into the feeding trough every time you tweet? 

Window Treatments

You've just drifted to sleep on the couch when all of a sudden the sun peeks through the clouds and into the window, waking you up. You could get off the couch and close the blinds. But that's too much work! No problem. You can close your blinds with a remote control and go back to sleep. They come in a variety of styles from vertical blinds to curtains, all the way to roller shades.

But some people wish to control their window treatments for different reasons, like this guy. He has a beautiful assortment of plants he keeps in front of the window so they can get plenty of sunlight during the day. But on the nights he's out after dark, he doesn't want to worry about the neighbors being able to see his personal belongings through the windows. So, he crafted his own set of remote controlled blinds for $15 that operate on a light sensor, closing automatically when it gets dark. Consult silhouette blinds specialists, such as Country Store Interiors, to see if such alterations can work for your setup.

Mops and Trash Cans

If you don't own one of those famous vacuum cleaners that works while you're at home or away, you've at least heard about them. But how about a remote controlled mop? Being touted as taking laziness to a whole new level, this battery-powered cleaning tool actually has benefits for the injured or disabled, particularly those with shoulder problems, arthritis, or any condition that would prohibit the easy pushing of a mop handle. Buyers still need to be able to pick the mop head off the floor to clean it and put it away, however. And the same company that makes the mop has also designed a remote controlled trashcan, making the ultimate couch potato's wildest dreams come true. That's right. When you're ready to toss that empty box of bonbons, look no further than the clicker to summon the bin.