3 Ways To Remove A Rodent From Your Home Without Resorting To Violence

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A rodent making a nest in your home can become an utterly exasperating experience. But if you subscribe to the theory that all life is precious, killing a rodent that has entered your home for the sole crime of trespassing might seem a tad inhumane. However, you can't just sit idly by as it turns your basement, attic, or other part of the home into its own personal clubhouse. Fortunately for those of us with mercy on the brain, there are three simple methods of rodent control that can take the rodent out of your home and out of your hair without any bloodshed.

Use a Live Mouse Trap

When most of people hear the term "mouse trap," they conjure up images of painful, draconian torture devices intended to maim and kill the mouse. However, did you know that it is possible to find special kinds of mouse traps that merely trap the mouse inside, as opposed to killing it? And once the mouse is inside the live trap, it can be easily deposited back out into the great outdoors. One drawback of the "trap and release" method, is that it is often ill-suited for dealing with large amounts of mice.

Deploying Predator Urine

At a cursory glance, the concept of applying predator urine to areas of the home in which mice dwell seems downright foolhardy. However, the principles upon which it works are elementary. Upon detecting the urine of a predator capable of eating the mouse, the rodent, as well as any of his friends, will quickly flee from the designated area. At this point, it is imperative that you seal the area of the home from which they entered, in order to prevent another infestation.

Call a Humane Rodent Control Specialist

Sometimes your mouse infestation can become so severe, that it warrants the hiring of a professional. Luckily, it is possible to track down one of the many rodent control experts who share your sentiments regarding rodent clemency. Unlike traditional rodent control practitioners, humane rodent control experts seek to remove mice through nonviolent methods, such as ultrasonic repellents, baiting the exterior of the home, and the tried-and-true "trap and release" method.

When all is said and done, a mouse encroaching on your territory need not meet its end at the hands of poisons or inhumane traps. By using these simple strategies, you and your unwanted companion can finally part company without resorting to violence.