How To Prepare Your Windows For Winter

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It is very important that you prep your windows for the winter months, especially if you live in a cold area. Doing this will not only allow you to feel more prepared for the cold winter months ahead, but it will also allow you to keep your home warmer. Another benefit of taking the time to prepare your windows, is that your windows will likely remain in better condition for longer. This article will talk about what you can do to prepare you windows for the winter.

Check The Weather Stripping

It is very important that you check the weather stripping on all of your windows before the winter months come because this can allow quite a bit of cold air to come into your home. Missing weather stripping can also allow bugs and other unwanted critters to attempt to get into your home as well. If you find that any of the weather stripping has either come off, or is in poor condition, you can simply replace it with new weather stripping. 

Give Them a Thorough Cleaning

During the spring, summer, and fall, your windows will likely accumulate a large amount of dirt, dust, bug guts, and hard water stains. It is important to clean all of these stains off of your windows before the winter comes, in order to help keep your windows in good condition. You also may need to apply plastic to your windows, or replace screens, so having clean windows is an important part of each of these steps. Make sure that you thoroughly clean both your interior and exterior windows using the appropriate tools or a window cleaning service.

Apply Plastic If Necessary

Some older homes have windows that have thin glass, and these windows are not very good at keeping the heat inside of your home and the cold outside of your home. In order to improve this, you can place a thick sheet of plastic over your window. This plastic can be found at most home improvements stores, and can be taped directly onto your window. Make sure that you get enough plastic to cover the entire interior portion of your window to ensure it will work appropriately. This plastic will then act as a barrier between the heat inside of your home, the window, and the cold outside your home. 

Make Repairs and Replace Windows and/or Window Screens

If you need to add additional caulk to the border of your window, repair any cracks in the frame, or otherwise repair your window, now is the time. If you have a thin window or a cracked window that you would like to replace, it should be done before it gets too cold outside. You can also replace your broken and bent window screens at this time, to ensure that you have a proper functioning window for the winter.