4 Gift Ideas For DIY Enthusiasts

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Is the do-it-yourself enthusiast in your life hard to buy for? Do they have every tool under the sun already? Buying gifts for fans of DIY work/home improvement can be difficult due to the fact that they'll usually buy what they need immediately and make what they can't buy. Luckily, fun, do-it-yourself gift ideas or gift ideas that are a little more unique are always a good idea. Fun and unique gift ideas are also, well, more fun! Here are four great gift ideas for your favorite do-it-yourselfer:

1. A Subscription to a DIY Magazine/Book Club

Most DIY enthusiasts love getting ideas for new projects and ways to fix things. Monthly magazines are packed full of unique ideas and plenty of projects to keep even the busiest do-it-yourselfer fascinated. Some magazines and DIY book clubs also come with special discounts that can be used at select stores. On that note, DIY books are also a good gift idea.

2. A Magnetized Nail Wristband

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts usually have plenty of gadgets and handy tools, but here's one that they may have overlooked. A magnetized nail wristwatch is a simple wristband that can be worn while up on ladders or anywhere around the house. It's used to keep nails and screws within easy reach no matter what project you're working on. It can make working on home improvement projects a lot less frustrating in an extremely simple way. A gadget like this can quickly become one of their favorite DIY essentials.

3. Do-it-Yourself Themed Gifts/Apparel

People love receiving personalized gifts, such as those found through outlets like Eve & Nico Crafts Home Decor. If you happen to find a T-shirt that has a humorous or charming (and true!) saying about your favorite do-it-yourself enthusiast, there's a good chance it would make a fantastic gift. Other ideas include coffee mugs, clocks, and signs for one of their likely favorite rooms of the house-- the garage.

4. Rugged Work Jacket

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts generally don't have a huge need or desire for new clothes. They'll always have need for a rugged work jacket, however. When picking out a jacket, make sure to find one that has plenty of pockets for tools and gadgets and will withstand rain and wind. Buying one with a hood that can be securely fastened is always a good idea. You never know when they'll be caught on a roof during a storm.

When thinking of new gift ideas for a special home improvement/DIY enthusiast, it pays to think of fun, yet practical, gifts like the ones above. Do-it-yourselfers are practical people, after all. Take advantage of that fact and pick out something they'll love-- and actually use.