4 Ways To Create Unique Lighting Fixtures

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Needing to add a bit of fun to your home without having to spend a lot of money? Your light fixtures are one place to look. Unique lighting fixtures can take a boring room to one that is cheerful and fun in very little time. You don't have to spend a lot of money for a unique look if you make the lighting fixture yourself. Here are some ideas.

Crochet a Cover

If you know how to crochet, you can create a fun lampshade. Create a brightly colored cover for any lampshade or even a hanging light. Try adding patterns, stripes, or simply choose a color that will make the room more cozy. You could even design a cover for a child's lampshade with a cute animal or a favorite bug.

Repurpose a Wine Bottle

If you have a few old wine bottles lying around, you can turn them into an outdoor sconce. Simply take an empty wine bottle, outdoor torch fuel, a wick, and the equipment you need to hold the wick in place and hang the torch. Copper coupling can work perfectly to hold the wick with a bit of tape such as Teflon tape to make sure it doesn't slip into the bottle. Add the fuel, thread the wick through the copper coupling and secure the coupling to the bottle. Once the wick has absorbed the fuel, light the wick to have a fun, inexpensive outdoor touch.

Use Doilies and a Balloon

A beautiful hanging light fixture can be made using a balloon, doilies, and glue. Blow the balloon up as large as you would like the light fixture to be. Next, use glue to attach the doilies. Make sure that you leave a hole so you will be able to place the lightbulb. Once the glue dries, pop the balloon and remove it. Use hanging lamp hardware to finish the lamp.

Make a Hat into a Hanging Lamp

If you have extra hats lying around, turn them into a hanging lamp. If you don't have any hats you want to use for a fun light fixture, you can often find top hats or bowler hats at antique stores, secondhand shops, and yard sales. All you need is a hat, a lighting cord kit, some screw hooks, and something to poke a hole in the hat. Poke a hole large enough for the plug to fit through, then feed the cord through until the bulb apparatus is near the top of the hat. Hang it from a screw hook for a truly unique hanging lamp.

These ideas will help you turn your lighting fixtures into fun and interesting conversation pieces.