5 Benefits That Birdhouses And Their Residents Can Provide For Homeowners

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Birdhouses are a beautiful way to decorate front and back yard gardens and flower beds, but they are actually beneficial in other ways as well. The introduction of a birdhouse can actually lead to fewer weeds in the vicinity of the area, and they can also serve to alleviate pest infestations. Additionally, the installation of something as simple as a birdhouse might even serve to increase the value of your home. Overall, the reasons in favor of placing a birdhouse in your backyard or garden area are much greater than those that oppose the placement of birdhouses. 

Improved Pest Control

The simple fact of the matter is that the utilization of birdhouses can help counteract existing pest infestations in and around your house. As birds come to inhabit birdhouses, nesting and multiplying, their need for food dramatically increases. Ultimately, this leads birds to target ant, termite, and even spider colonies to feed themselves and their young. As a result, homes that might previously have been plagued with pest infestations can suddenly experience a dramatic decrease in the frequency with which such insects make their presence known.

Helping To Eliminate Weed Problems

Having an increased bird population in the vicinity of your home will also result in a significantly smaller number of weeds. While birds do prey on insects like spiders and ants, they also consume vegetation. In fact, vegetation is the primary diet of birds like finches and sparrows. Moreover, many birds use weeds and other shrubbery when building their nest inside of the birdhouse. 

Increasing Home Values

It's really no surprise that an increase in wildlife populations can lead to increases in property values. After all, who doesn't enjoy simply watching wildlife in their natural habitat? Many studies have shown that wildlife, even if only visible from a home's backyard, can increase a home's property value. Considering the relatively inexpensive price tag of birdhouses, it is a bit of a shock that so few backyards and garden areas have them. 

Healthier Vegetation

Another benefit of having bird houses around is the increase in the health of flowerbeds and other vegetation. While not all birds pollinate, birdhouses that attract hummingbirds, orioles, or other nectar-thirsty wildlife can lead to better pollination in your garden, which ultimately results in vegetation reproduction.

Helping The Environment

The importance of increased pollination pertains to the overall state of the environment. In particular, pollination ultimately affects the quality of air when vegetation utilizes the carbon dioxide that other plants and animals respire to produce oxygen during the flowering process. Simply put, better pollination equals more and cleaner air.

In the end, there are many benefits to having a birdhouse in your backyard or garden, including the help with weed and pest infestations that birds can provide, as well as increased home values.