Consider Using Bamboo In Your Next Landscaping Project

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When people think of bamboo they often think of the Asian varieties, but there actually are a few varieties that are native to the US. Whether you are going to make use of an imported or native variety, bamboo is a versatile material to add to your landscaping design.

Use it as a Plant

The simplest use of bamboo in landscaping is as a planting. When using it for this, it is important to research what kind of bamboo you are planting, because there are two main varieties. The first likes to spread out, and will forever leave you chasing down new growth. This is where bamboo received its bad rep. However, there is a second variety that prefers to stay clumped tightly together. The patch will slowly expand, so you will need to be diligent about trimming, but it is much easier to keep in check than its faster running cousin.

Use it as a Building Material

Bamboo remains a valuable building material to this day. Large, mature canes rival hardwoods in strength and durability, and are much less expensive. You can use bamboo cane to build just about anything, including sheds, fences, and outdoor furniture. One thing to keep in mind is that bamboo cannot be pressure treated. This means that it is important to keep the bottom of the bamboo off the ground if you want it to last.

As a Gardening Material

The strength of bamboo isn't only useful for building, it is great for smaller jobs as well. Cut canes into pieces a foot or two each and use them as edging. While the contact with the ground will cause them to go bad more quickly, this is a very inexpensive product. Weave thin canes together to form a trellis. These can either be planted in the ground or hung from a wall. Because bamboo is hollow, you can even use it as a sort of pipe for your garden fountain.

Bamboo is a material with endless possibilities. Once exiled to homes looking for a tropical or beachy vibe, bamboo has gained recognition as a truly green material. It is strong, durable and grows quickly, making it a go-to resource if you are looking to for environmentally friendly building material. Furthermore, this increased popularity also helps you in improving the number of products and design ideas that you can find that include bamboo as the primary material.

Talk to your local nursery, such as Four Seasons Nursery, to find out more about bamboo in your area.