How To Clean And Maintain Quartz Countertops Naturally

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Non-porous, scratch-resistant and extremely durable, quartz countertops are made to last. Not only are they hearty, they also make an attractive addition to any kitchen. Depending on your preference and decor scheme, you can buy quartz countertops in a variety of colors, such as bright red, green, brown and black.

Quartz countertops are also easy to care for and you won't need to use chemical-laden cleaners to maintain them. Here are some simple, non-toxic ways to keep your countertops clean, sanitized and looking their best:

General Maintenance

For everyday cleaning, you can simply wash your quartz countertops with a mild dish soap. Fill a bowl or small bucket with warm water and add a few drops of the soap, until bubbles form. Dip a clean, soft cloth into the soapy water and wring it out. Use the cloth to clean and sanitize after meals or to wipe up juice, milk, or any other type of beverage spills. Be sure to clean up any spill as soon as possible to prevent staining.

It's recommended that you seal your countertops to protect it against abrasions. Also, all natural stone surfaces are prone to damage from fast and drastic temperature changes, so be sure to place any hot pots or pans on a potholder to avoid direct contact.

Avoid using bleach and acid-based cleaners on the countertops, because even though they won't damage the quartz surface, they could decrease the stone's natural luster and shine. 

Removing Streaks and Watermarks 

If spilled water is allowed to dry on the granite, it can leave unsightly streaks. All you have to do to remove the water marks is spray the area gently with more water and wipe it up with dry, soft cloth. Wipe the area until all of the moisture is gone. 

Scraping Off Sticky Substances

Sometimes, sticky substances such as gum or certain food particles, such as maple syrup, will require a little more muscle to remove. In these cases, use a puttty knife to gently scrape the substance off. Use a light touch and scrape in the direction away from your body to avoid injury. 

After the particles are scraped off, wipe the area down with a wet, soapy cloth to remove any remaining residue. 


Quartz countertops will maintain their sheen without the use of any buffing, polishing or reconditioning agents as long as they're properly maintained on a regular basis.