How To Make Your Old Wooden Table Look New Again

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Before you throw out your old wooden table, you should consider refinishing the surface of the table. In many cases, refinishing the wood can help remove discoloration and repair smaller issues such as scratches in the wood. Even though it will take some time and patience to complete this project, it is worth the additional effort to improve the look of your wooden table.

Sand the Surface

Before you can change the appearance of your table, you need to sand down the surface by hand. An electric sander is not a viable option, because it moves too fast and you can easily scratch up the surface. The idea is to sand down the rough spots, so you can repair the surface damage.

Repair Any Damage

The next step for revitalizing your table is to repair any damage you find. The most common damage will be scratches and dents that you need to fill in.

Wood fillers are a good option for repairing surface damage for most wooden items. To apply the filler, you simply take a small amount and press it into the damaged areas with a small putty knife.

You do have to work quickly, because the filler will dry fast. It is best to scrape off any excess before the filler fully dries, because some products are difficult to sand once filler hardens.

Add Color to the Table

The last step of your project is to apply the stain or paint color you desire. If you plan to stain the wood, you want to apply it with a cloth and not a brush. In some cases, a brush will create lines that distort the look of the stain.

Seal the Wood

To help protect the surface of your freshly stained table, you need to seal the wood. These sealants are used as a barrier against moisture and they can give the surface a shinny look.

To apply the finish, you want to use a heavy brush and work in layers so you can create an even coat. You also want to allow each coat to fully dry before you add a new layer. The reason for waiting is that the sealant can become tacky and the brush could stick to the surface and distort the final look of your table.

When you love your older table, but it looks outdated or damaged, you should look into redoing its appearance. It will take some time to complete this project, but it is worth it when you can save your table from being thrown out. If you find you need professional help, contact a furniture finishing specialist like Dura Strip of Santa Monica