How To Use A Fridge Door To Track The Inventory For Your Restaurant

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When you own a restaurant, keeping track of all of the food that needs to be ordered from week to week can be difficult. You will have staff working at different shifts and the lines of communication can often be lost during all of the hustle and bustle of daily activities. If you want to be sure that your chefs always have the supplies they need to prepare delicious meals for your customers, consider creating a centralised location where all information can be written where everyone can easily see it. Below is a guide for turning the front of the commercial refrigerator into a chalkboard.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Painter's Tape
  • A Paint Pan
  • A Paint Roller
  • A Sheet
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • 180-Grit Sand Paper
  • A Paintbrush
  • Chalk

Prepare the Kitchen

Lay the sheet on the ground in front of the fridge door to ensure that no paint gets on the floor of the kitchen. Open all of the doors to the kitchen and turn on any fans that you have available to you. This keeps the air circulating so you do not breathe in the paint fumes.

Tape off the Door

Use the tape to protect the edges of the door. You also want to place tape around the handle and the lock of the door to protect them from the paint.

Prepare the Door

Use the sandpaper to carefully sand the front of the door. The door needs to be sanded so that the paint has something to adhere to because the fridge doors are often too slippery to paint, if you do not sand them. Sand the door using gentle, circular motions so that you do not cause damage to the fridge.

Trim the Fridge

You do not want to have paint drip over the edges of the fridge because it could get on the seal that goes around it. The seal keeps the cold air in the fridge from escaping and needs to be as tight as possible. Take the paintbrush and paint around the edges of the door with the paint. This will ensure that you do not accidentally roll the paint over the edge of the door and cause damage to the seal.

Paint the Door

Pour the chalkboard paint in the paint pan and use the roller brush to brush on a thin layer of the paint. It is best to apply a few layers of the chalkboard paint, rather than one thick layer, to ensure that the paint dries evenly.

Allow the paint to dry overnight, remove the tape from the handle and lock, and your fridge is ready for use. Tie a bag that has handles around the handle of the door to hold the chalk. When your employees need something new, they can write it on the door of the fridge. 

Of course, the fridge must be kept in good condition. Be sure to keep the number of a company like Decatur Heat & Air, Inc. on hand in case anything goes wrong with your fridge.