Tips For Making Winodw Coverings That Don't Involve Curtains

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Not everyone likes curtains. Some people just don't like traditional methods, period. Thankfully, there are plenty of options when you want to account for privacy as well as meet decorative needs when it comes to window coverings. In fact, with a bit of creativity, you can make your windows look so stunning that your friends will be wondering why they bother with curtains.

Use Vinyl Stick-Ons

When you want to let the light in but you don't want to sacrifice your privacy, consider vinyl stick-on sheets for the window. They come in clear patterns that allow the light to shine through, but don't allow the details of what's going on inside your home to be seen. Like contact paper, you simply cut, peel, and stick these vinyl pieces to your windows. Decorate the frame and area around the windows if you don't like the plain look.

Create Your Own Stained Glass Look

With all the window paints available, it's easy to create a stained glass look on your windows. The light can shine in the window and create a beautiful colored light effect that can brighten up any room. Since you can easily remove the paint by washing it off, you can change your design at any time.

Decorate Outside the Windows

If you hang curtains because you don't like the way the area outside of the actual window looks, you might be interested in techniques that will change the way you look at your windows. Once you decorate or cover the glass, window treatments only take care of the surrounding area. There are far more options than just curtains for this area.

  • Trim the area outside the window with elaborate picture frame trim. Then you can create a scene inside the window, with the trim making it look more like a piece of art than a window.
  • Cover your trim with cloth. If you like the soft look of cloth, but are trying to avoid curtains, remove the trim and use adhesive spray to cover it in your favorite cloth before putting the trim back up. Add a layer of foam under the cloth for an even softer look.
  • Apply your favorite stencils. to create a theme in the room  or just spruce up some plain trim, consider using stencils to create a border on the trim or around the window.

When it comes to creating a window covering that fits your needs and tastes, there is no limit to the options available. All you really need to do is think of a new use for an old item. You might even consider using things like your scrapbooking stickers to create scenes on or around the windows. Experts like Beaver Interiors can give you more advice