2 Patio Accessories that Can Help You Beat the Heat

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Would you love to be able to enjoy your patio more often during the hot summer months, but can't because it gets too hot? Here are two patio accessories that will help you enjoy your yard, even in the heat.

1. Misting systems

With either a do-it-yourself kit or professional installation of a misting system, you can transform your hot patio into a cool tropical environment. Misters help cool things down by spraying mist into the air. As that mist evaporates, it cools the air immediately surrounding it, making you feel more comfortable during a hot afternoon or evening.

Misting systems vary in price and features. The cheapest misters run about $60, while more expensive systems run from $1200 to $3200. The biggest differences between the misters are that the cheaper misters tend to drip more and direct their mist only in one direction, whereas the more expensive misters use higher water pressure to create a wider and finer spray.

To maximize air flow and the cooling power of the mist, you can also incorporate a misting system into your ceiling fan or standing fan. The fan will help move the air and push the mist over your skin, which cools you down much in the same way as your body does when it sweats. When the moisture evaporates off of your skin, it takes some of your body heat with it.

2. Adjustable patio covers

Designing a patio that's perfect for all seasons used to be difficult, but now anyone can do so with the use of an adjustable roof or patio cover. In the warmer months, you can adjust the slats of your patio roof (also known as louvers) to minimize how much sun gets through to your patio. In the afternoon, you can close the slats most of the way to block the sun, but as the sun begins to set you can open the slats to allow the hot air to escape.

In the winter months, you can take advantage of the heat emitted by the sun by opening your slats all the way. When winter storms hit, completely closing the slats will block out precipitation. This is because the slats interlock with each other when closed so that no water can get through. The slight angle incorporated in the roof design causes the water to shed towards either side of the roof and flow to the ground through downspouts.

These patio covers look just like many other pergolas and patio roofs. While the slats themselves are generally made out of low-maintenance aluminum, the framework can be made out of aluminum, steel, or wood, depending on the look that you desire.

Both of these patio accessories are simple in theory but innovative in design. Take advantage of their cooling power so that you can spend more time outside during the hot summer months.