How to Update Your Bedroom Furniture on a Budget

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If you're craving a bedroom makeover but your finances are tight, you can make a big difference by just updating your existing bedroom furniture. You don't need to buy any new furniture pieces to give your personal space a whole new look. Here are some tips for transforming a boring bedroom into a refreshed retreat.

New Bedding

Breathe new life into your bedroom with new bedding. When choosing the perfect textiles, consider your bed frame and headboard style. For instance, if you have wicker furniture, keep the casual vibe with a floral-patterned comforter. For an antique wooden headboard and frame, pick a vintage patchwork quilt or a lacy bedspread. 

Another inexpensive way of updating your bedding is with a duvet, which you can slip on over your existing comforter or quilt. Duvets are typically cheaper than comforters and quilts, and can make just as big of a decor splash. 

If you have neutral-hued bedding, add a pop of color with budget-friendly pillows. For added visual interest, choose pillows featuring patterns—such as seashells or flowers—that complement the overall decor theme. Fold a matching decorative blanket at the foot of your bed to complete the look.


If your bedroom furniture is constructed of sturdy, high-quality wood but you are tired of the color, give it a new look with paint. You can also use this technique to update less-expensive laminate furniture as well. If your furniture is made of real wood, make sure to sand it before painting.

Start by brushing a primer on either wood or laminate furniture, which will allow the paint to adhere to the surface well. Allow the primer to thoroughly dry before paining the furniture. Choose your desired flat paint color and apply it using a foam roller brush. An angled paintbrush will allow you to get into any crevices, so have one of those on hand, too. 

Pick a neutral-colored paint, such as brown or white, or get creative with vintage-inspired hues including light blue and rose pink. After the paint is completely dry, apply an acrylic sealant to lock in the color and protect the paint.

Updated Hardware

Another budget-friendly way of updating bedroom furniture is with new hardware. For a vintage-inspired space, replace boring metal nightstands and dresser pulls with faceted glass or hand-painted porcelain or ceramic versions. In a child's room, choose personalized pulls in letter shapes, or pick themed designs such as flowers, frogs, cats, or even mini baseballs.