Tips To Create A Fairy Garden

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If you enjoy the idea of fantasy, magic, and lands where mermaids, fairies, and sprites all exist, then you might enjoy creating a fairy garden in your back yard. This will be the perfect place for you to go when you need a break from the real world or want to immerse yourself in a fantasy novel. You might even use your fairy garden as a place where you can get your creative juices flowing and do some writing, drawing, or other type of art work. Here you can get some ideas on ways you can create a fairy garden. After all, every homeowner should have a place to take a break from reality every now and then!

Invite Dragonflies and Butterflies

No fairy garden is complete without dragonflies and butterflies. You need to make the area welcoming for them. Who knows, maybe you can even convince young children that those butterflies and dragonflies are really flying fairies!

  • Install a pond. Dragonflies lay their eggs on the water. Since they prefer direct sunlight, you'll need to make sure that at least a good portion of the pond is in direct sunlight.
  • Grow anything with "butterfly" in the name. If a flower has the word "butterfly" in its name, that's because it attracts butterflies.
  • Fertilize more than the ground. Butterflies need food to grow too. You can throw your leftover watermelon and other fruits in the garden as a means to fertilize it and feed butterflies at the same time.

Make it Irresistible to Birds

In many of the tales about fairies, hummingbirds are like the public transit of the fairy world. You can invite hummingbirds as well as other small birds, like finches and wrens, just by putting the proper things in place.

  • Hang plenty of bird houses. You want outdoor themed wooden bird houses of all shapes and sizes. You might even decorate some of them to look like fairy houses. This will give the birds someplace to nest so that they make a home in your garden.
  • Offer sweet nectar. Hang hummingbird feeders and plant flowers that offer sweet nectar. You'll need tubular flowers like day lilies and hollyhocks because those are the flowers hummingbirds enjoy.

Install Fairy Specific Details

If the antics of Tinkerbell are any indication, fairies enjoy bright, shiny things and they also like to have their own space. You might put one of the outdoor themed wooden bird houses on the ground among the flowers to make a fairy feel right at home. Hang shiny bells and tin plates as well so fairies can make gentle noises and see their own reflections. The tin plates will also help to keep the crows away.

The best part about a fairy garden is that you can add just about anything you want. From outdoor bird houses to tiny little tidbits sprinkled through the garden, you can create an area that will have you wondering if fairies really do exist.