Home Lighting: Achieving That Candle-Like Glow Without The Candles

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If your home has elegant, antique decor, the type of lighting you incorporate is an important factor to set the mood. Soft lighting with that candle-like glow is a perfect alternative to candles, without the fire risk. Here are four lighting options that will bring the feel of candlelight to your home, with the functionality of modern lighting.

1. Chandeliers with Candle-Like Fixtures

A candle-lined chandelier is a wonderful finishing touch for a Victorian era kitchen, living room, or entryway. With so many chandeliers on the market these days, there are many creative options to get the look you need. Chandeliers with lights within candle holders will give the unique look of candles. To intensify the feeling, make sure your light fixture is on a dimming switch so you can control the mood of the room.

2. Wall Candle Lamps

To enhance a long hallway or entryway, light fixtures attached to the wall near the ceiling that are designed to look like candle holders are a great way to achieve the look and style from the past. This is a great alternative to harsh track or ceiling lighting, and will bring a softer, more traditional look to your home.

3. Potpourri Holder Lamps

The days of candlelit potpourri holders are over. The risk of fire from leaving candles unattended with potpourri and oils can be avoided with the use of a standard light base. This will illuminate your home and bring out the scents or potpourri and oils, but can safely be lit and heated with a light bulb instead of a candle.

4. Outdoor Candle Lights

To light up a patio or entryway to your home, lighting disguised as candles is a great way to bring a soft, welcoming feel to your outside environment. These 'candles' won't flicker out in the wind or rain, and can be left unattended. Candle shaped lamps can line an outdoor area, with a few stand alone LED-powered candles on tables.  Make sure to source lighting meant for outdoors that will withstand the elements. Light fixtures that feature a solar option work well outdoors as well.

Merging the tradition of candlelight with the functionality of modern day fixtures is an easy home update. If you are looking to achieve the look of a candlelit home without the candles, a few creatively designed fixtures and accoutrements are all that you need. As a sustainable, risk-free option, lights that act like candles from a retailer like Girard Electric Inc. can be better than the real thing.