Blanket Your Window With Insulating DIY No-Sew Curtains

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Store-bought insulated window treatments can be expensive and sometimes beyond one's budget. Here's a project that will help you keep drafts out and dress up your window as well. It only requires a few materials, and you don't have to use a sewing machine or needle and thread.

First Up: Gather the Materials

Surprisingly, you will only need three items for creating this do-it-yourself window treatment. You may have the materials needed right on your linen closet shelf. To blanket your window and keep out the old winter chill, gather up these items:

  • A heavy fleece blanket or over-sized throw: A heavy blanket will generally provide more insulation than an ordinary throw or bedspread. You'll want to choose a blanket color and style that complements your room decor. You may prefer solids or patterns; the choice is entirely up to you.

To determine the correct size, you might want to compare measurements of the window and the blanket. For a basic single-size window, a twin blanket should work fine. If you have an over-sized or double window, you'll probably need a queen or king size blanket.

  • A lightweight, lace-style linen tablecloth: For contrast, choose a solid color lace tablecloth with a print blanket, or a print lace with a solid color blanket. The lace material should be slightly smaller than the blanket. Be sure the lace doesn't overlap the blanket.

  • A package of ring clips: These are clips that are made with a circular ring attached for securing the curtain rod. They're often made of plastic, although you can occasionally find them in metal. Look for them in most hardware stores, although craft and hobby shops sometimes sell them as well.

Treat Your Window to a Blanket of Warmth

1. Unfold your blanket or throw and lay it down on a flat surface.

2. Take your laced tablecloth and lay it down on top of the blanket.

3. Next, take your ring clips and attach them to the front edges of both pieces. Space each clip approximately three or four inches apart. When you've finished attaching your clips, you'll simply slip your curtain rod through each of the circular rings. Now you're ready to hang your curtain rod and new curtains.

Keep in mind, when the weather gets warmer and you no longer need the insulation, you can remove the heavy blanket. Simply use the lace insert for your summer window treatment. When it comes time for a cleaning, simply wash your DIY curtains according to the blanket and insert instructions. Enjoy the easy care and the low cost.

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