Increasing Your Home's Population? Consider Some New Appliances

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If the number of people living in your house is about to increase significantly, you'll want to consider whether you have suitable appliances to meet the extra demand. You might be welcoming a new spouse and stepchildren, for instance, or having an adult child and his or her family move in. No matter what the situation, this expansion of your household will mean more use of appliances and a good reason to buy certain appliances you don't already have.

Washing Machine and Dryer

These appliances commonly endure a great deal of wear and tear, as even one person living in the house uses them several times each week. You may want a washing machine and dryer with a larger capacity if yours are relatively small. Otherwise people must split up loads, requiring two or three times the normal use of these machines and a lot of extra time spent doing laundry.

If your current appliances are in decent condition but inadequate for your expanding household needs, sell them online, through local classifieds or grocery store bulletin boards, or through word of mouth. The money can be used to help fund the new purchase. 


Maybe you've always said you'll never have an automatic dishwasher. However, with additional people moving in, this is a good time to consider buying the equipment. The more basic dishwashers are available new at affordable prices, and you'll be amazed at how much time the machines can save you. 


Is your current refrigerator big enough to accommodate everyone? If you've been using an apartment-sized appliance, it may be time to think about a bigger one. You might use your older small refrigerator for a basement or garage appliance, where it's great for storing soft drinks, beer and cold snacks.

Standalone Freezer

Adding a small chest freezer -- such as one at 5 or 7 cubic ft. -- can be a terrific advantage when several people live in one residence. Freezers in refrigerators commonly become stuffed with food, making it difficult to find anything without hauling everything out onto a table.

If you buy a standalone freezer, you can move some of those items to the new appliance. Also, you can stock up on frozen foods when they're on sale now that you have the extra space.

Air Conditioners

If you still don't have air conditioning, this is a good time to buy a window air conditioner so everyone will be comfortable in the main living area. Even though window air conditioners are best for cooling one or two rooms, they also help keep the rest of the floor cooler than would otherwise be the case. 

Your house may have more than one story. If you have a window air conditioner downstairs but your new residents will be sleeping upstairs, consider a hallway air conditioner or some portable models for individual rooms.

Concluding Thoughts

Start shopping for appliances and learn the range of prices and features for the equipment you want. Everyone in your place of residence will enjoy having the new appliances for their convenience and functionality. Contact Gringer & Sons Inc for more information.