Travel The World Through Decor Accents

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Want to travel the world but can't afford to leave your living room? You can add an international flair to your surroundings with some simple decor accents. Pillows, curtains, and wall hangings can all be used to help give your neutral toned room a new life. 

Here are the best ways to travel the world through decor. 

France: Eiffel Tower, French Rustic 

The Eiffel Tower is the most famous image related to France, but overdoing this image can make your room look more like a gift shop. Add subtle touches with small Eiffel Tower wall clocks or burlap pillows with a Tower print on the front. You can tie these items together by finding wall art that includes the Tower, but only in the background. 

If that idea is a little too obvious for you, try adding touches of French Rustic. This popular design scheme favors designs and colors that could be found in a country cottage. Potential design elements include distressed recycled barn wood picture frames and pillows or drapes made of toile fabric. Toile often features miniature scenes of country living and soft, natural shades of blue or yellow work well with this decor. 

India: Bohemian Brights 

Bohemia was actually a kingdom in the Czech Republic, but the term is often applied to bright, henna-inspired decor reminiscent of Indian architecture and fashion. Look for pillows or art made of brightly dyed batik fabrics. Leather floor pillows add unconventional seating and a spot for meditation. Paintings or statues of Buddha can tie together the look, but are best used only if you're educated about Buddhist philosophies. 

For this decor scheme, stick with brighter versions of tones found in nature. Reds, blues, and yellows can be mixed together with hints of brown for a neutral base. 

China: Dragons, Kimono Fabrics 

Kimono-inspired silk fabrics come in a variety of colors and feature beautiful, bold patterns that can stand alone or mix in with other Chinese elements. You can use art and statuettes featuring Chinese dragons or foo dogs, a lion-dog hybrid guardian animal. 

This style has a flexible color palette. You can use bright reds and blues, or stick with more muted shades of white and gray. If you're using kimono fabric, use that as a starting point for choosing your accent colors. 

Decorating your home to reflect international travel will lean towards stereotypes. However, that tends to be what casual travelers take away from the respective countries. And bold, beautiful accents can transcend stereotypes to become a focal point from the home. Visit a home decoration store, like Creative Chateau, for more ideas and inspiration.