Choosing A Surface For Your Driveway

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There are a number of different surfaces that you can choose from when paving your driveway. These vary in terms of cost, maintenance issues, and visual appeal. Here are some pros and cons of the most common types of driveway surfaces.


Asphalt is a great choice for driveways because it is one of the most durable materials. Asphalt services are fairly economical, with an estimated cost of $830. Asphalt provides a clean and unobtrusive surface to visitors, although some homeowners prefer a statement that stands out more. Finally, maintenance of asphalt is fairly simple; you'll nee to reseal the surface once every several years.


In rainy climates, gravel is one of the best driveways that you can choose. The numerous pores allow water to flow throw the driveway and disperse evenly away from your yard. Gravel can also be one of the cheapest materials to install. The main problem with gravel driveways is the maintenance; the edges of a gravel driveway can start to devolve quickly if you aren't dedicated to keeping the gravel in place. Having a ledge along the side of your driveway can prevent gravel from spilling onto your lawn. Another maintenance issue is weeds; these can start to grow among the gravel, and you'll need to pull them frequently.


For the best aesthetic, a cobblestone driveway is often the material of choice. Cobblestone driveways can be made of multicolored stone that is polished and professionally sealed. One drawback of a cobblestone driveway is maintenance. With so many individual seals, it's likely that there are some weaker links in the chain; you may need to get small areas patched on a regular basis. The second drawback is cost; this is one of the more time-intensive and costly methods of paving your driveway.


Finally, concrete is an option you can choose for easy maintenance; In moderate climates, concrete driveways can stay functional for several decades. A major complaint with concrete is that it lends an impersonal feel to the home, because it resembles the sidewalks on public streets. 

In the end, there are many viable and affordable options for driveway materials. No matter which material you choose, be sure to have the surface professionally installed and tested by a company like Precision Lawn & Landscaping. You'll want to inspect the surface for cracks, unevenness, and visual flaws. As long as your driveway is well constructed, it should serve you well for many years.