Playing Santa Is Easier With Self Storage Elves

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For many parents, playing Santa during the holidays is a fun and exciting time. Indeed, many parents are more childlike than their kids during the holidays, making it a special and enchanting time for the whole family. However, making sure your kids never see their gifts from Santa can also be challenging, especially if you live in an apartment or small home without an attic or other type of additional storage area. When it's time to bring Santa to life, let self storage help you out with climate controlled hiding places and storage space. 

Hiding The Kid's Gifts From Santa In The Closet

If you are considering putting the gifts you are delivering from Santa in your closet, you might reconsider. Most kids will check your closet the first chance they get and if you have a bunch of gifts stacked up in it, they will get a peek at them. If you have chosen to rent a small self storage unit down the road from your home, your kids will have a much harder time trying to find where you hid their gifts. Imagine your kids wondering all throughout the holidays about whether or not they are getting gifts because they cannot find them hidden anywhere in the house.

Mom And Dad Playing It Cool

One of the best ways to store Christmas decorations is in a climate controlled self storage unit. By doing so, you not only protect the integrity of decorations like delicate garland, you also have the advantage that will help you play a better Santa as well. Imagine the look on the kid's faces when they come home the day after school on the last day before holiday break to find all the boxes of decorations in the middle of the living room or den floor. You might think about adding some new decorations delivered directly from the North Pole as an added stage prop for the big day.

Storing Holiday Decorations Saves Space

While using a self storage unit is helpful for hiding gifts from the kids during the holidays, self storage is also the best way to store holiday decorations all year round as well. Not only do you get the benefit of climate control, you can also rest easy knowing your expensive decorations are not being eaten by mice or other pests like moths.

More Than Christmas Tree Ornaments And Lights

If you love decorating for every holiday, you can certainly benefit from renting a self storage unit. Placing all your ornamental decorations for every holiday will free up space in your home and give you a great way to keep decorations organized and separated from one another. Nothing can be more frustrating than looking for the items for the Christmas tree by digging through all the decorations you use for Halloween or Easter.