• Ditch The Chemicals: Five Methods For Cleaning Hardwood Floors

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, chemical levels on the home are rapidly rising with the use of chemical cleaners. If you do not have carpet, chances are you use far more chemicals than necessary to keep your floor clean. Fortunately, you can reduce the level of chemicals in your home by using chemical-free methods to clean your hardwood floor. Here are five all-natural, chemical-free methods for cleaning flooring: Method 1: Dish Soap

  • Be Aware Of These National Holidays And Observances If Moving Overseas

    You've organized and packed and hired a reputable company like Hollander Storage & Moving for your big international move.  You only need to decide on a moving date.  Do you know the major holidays and observances of the country you'll be moving to?  If you don't, arriving during one can cause you major headaches. Here are the better known global holidays, festivals and observances. China - National Day. This holiday starts on October 1st and in spite of its name, lasts more than one day.

  • DIY Flooring: 5 Steps For Tiling Over An Old Tile Floor

    Tile can be installed over old floor tile if the existing tile is in good condition with no settling or major cracks. It's important to keep in mind that lying tile over tile can raise the height of the floor, which may require that you cut off the bottom of doors that open into the room. If any existing tiles are loose or missing, reattach existing or new tiles to fill in the spots.

  • Carpeting: Which Type Is Right For You?

    As you know already, there are several types of rugs. They range from shag to short regular rugs, and can range in price; anywhere from twenty dollars to upwards of one thousand dollars. The first thing you need to do when deciding on which rug is right for your space and your life is deciding beforehand a price range you would be comfortable with. After that is set, all you need to do is choose the type of carpeting you like best!

  • 3 Ways To Remove A Rodent From Your Home Without Resorting To Violence

    A rodent making a nest in your home can become an utterly exasperating experience. But if you subscribe to the theory that all life is precious, killing a rodent that has entered your home for the sole crime of trespassing might seem a tad inhumane. However, you can't just sit idly by as it turns your basement, attic, or other part of the home into its own personal clubhouse. Fortunately for those of us with mercy on the brain, there are three simple methods of rodent control that can take the rodent out of your home and out of your hair without any bloodshed.