• Dealing With Carpenter Bees On Your Property

    Carpenter bees are a common pest on many residential properties across the United States--particularly in the Midwest. Aside from being a hazard to people who are allergic to bee stings, they can also be a hassle for property owners, as carpenter bees are known to burrow into wood structures to build their nests. Read on to learn how to detect carpenter bees on your property, get rid of them, and keep them from coming back.

  • Add Teal Antiqued Furniture into Farmhouse Home Decor in 4 Steps

    Farmhouse decor is a beautiful trend that brings warmth and friendliness into a space. One of the most popular trends among farmhouse chic is using teal antiqued furniture to add a pop of color to a room. Hutches, entertainment centers, and shelves all look beautiful in teal and add an alluring contrast to rooms without overwhelming them. These can also be done as DIY projects at home that are inexpensive and easy while giving a room a fantastic chic feel.

  • Common Carpet Stains: How To Keep Your Carpet Looking Great Between Professional Cleanings

    Have you ever had your carpet professionally cleaned only to spill something on it the very next day? While it's extremely frustrating to soil or stain your carpet after your cleaning service worked so diligently to make it beautiful again, accidents and spills happen -- sometimes on a daily basis. Since you can't call a carpet cleaning service for every spill and mess, you have to take steps to keep your carpet clean between professional cleanings from a company like Logan Carpet Cleaning Inc.

  • Treating Yourself To New Window Treatments? Your Quick And Easy Guide

    Natural light is an asset in any home, so many people look for large, beautiful windows when selecting a home. But while great windows are important, it's also important to be able to draw the blinds, shutters, or curtains for privacy, safety and comfort. Take a look at this quick guide that can give you a basic understanding of all the options available to you when deciding on window treatments for your home.

  • Home Lighting: Achieving That Candle-Like Glow Without The Candles

    If your home has elegant, antique decor, the type of lighting you incorporate is an important factor to set the mood. Soft lighting with that candle-like glow is a perfect alternative to candles, without the fire risk. Here are four lighting options that will bring the feel of candlelight to your home, with the functionality of modern lighting. 1. Chandeliers with Candle-Like Fixtures A candle-lined chandelier is a wonderful finishing touch for a Victorian era kitchen, living room, or entryway.