• 5 Fire-Resistant Landcaping Shrubs For Your Commerical Property

    Did you know that your commercial landscaping can play a significant role in fire safety? The shrubs that you select as accent plants on your business property, for instance, can act as ladders that carry fire upwards and into buildings and trees. Although there are no truly fireproof plants, some shrubs are more fire-resistant than others. To create a fire-resistant landscape, you should stick with deciduous shrubs as opposed to conifer because conifer sap contains flammable resins that aren't present in deciduous vegetation.

  • Black Mold Removal: Why Hiring A Professional Is The Best Solution

    If you are aware that there is black mold in your home, you must make sure it is removed by a professional as soon as possible. The spores from the mold can spread all over your house and cause problems with your health that can become severe. Below, you will find out why hiring a professional is the best solution for removing black mold and how it can affect your health if you don't.

  • Deterring Urban Raccoons

    Raccoons might just be the cutest pest around, but that doesn't change the damage they do and the costs they incur. Homeowners should think of them just as they do any pest, and should take steps to deter them and prevent the damage from occurring. Controlling raccoons is similar to controlling other mammalian pests; you need to be aware of their preferred environment and habitat, know what their behavior is, and take action to deter them.

  • 5 Benefits That Birdhouses And Their Residents Can Provide For Homeowners

    Birdhouses are a beautiful way to decorate front and back yard gardens and flower beds, but they are actually beneficial in other ways as well. The introduction of a birdhouse can actually lead to fewer weeds in the vicinity of the area, and they can also serve to alleviate pest infestations. Additionally, the installation of something as simple as a birdhouse might even serve to increase the value of your home.

  • Tips For Making Winodw Coverings That Don't Involve Curtains

    Not everyone likes curtains. Some people just don't like traditional methods, period. Thankfully, there are plenty of options when you want to account for privacy as well as meet decorative needs when it comes to window coverings. In fact, with a bit of creativity, you can make your windows look so stunning that your friends will be wondering why they bother with curtains. Use Vinyl Stick-Ons When you want to let the light in but you don't want to sacrifice your privacy, consider vinyl stick-on sheets for the window.