• Solar Screens Or Tinted Windows?

    Solar screens are an inexpensive way to control heat and light inside your home. However, there is another option that many people do not consider. Tinted windows also control heat and light intake inside your home the same way solar screens do. Below is a comparison of solar screens and tinted windows in order for you to make an informed decision on which is best for your home. 1. Price

  • Four Things To Know About Brown Recluse Spiders

    Of all the poisonous spiders in the world, perhaps one of the most feared and avoided is the brown recluse spider. These little devils pack a venomous and unforgettable bite, which can leave some with nasty scars. In particular, there are four things that you should know about these spiders to keep you and your loved ones safe. General Appearance As their name suggests, brown recluse spiders are light brown in color with dark abdomens.

  • How To Get Your House Squeaky Clean

    Every house needs a top-to-bottom cleaning every now and then.  How do you do it?  Do you finish one room a day or knock it all out in one?  Do you scrub, disinfect, and polish?  What do you focus on?  If you are new to cleaning an entire house, it can be difficult to do a comprehensive cleaning.  Before you consider getting a residential floor cleaning done or a top-to-bottom professional service, here are some places to swing your mop and duster:

  • Must-Haves For The Remote Control Junkie

    If you love gadgets or are a remote control junkie, the options for controlling your home environment are seemingly endless. For decades, people have been using handheld controllers for TVs and garage doors. Today, objects that can be controlled from a distance have pervaded every part of life. When you just can't get enough, here are some unusual things that can be remote controlled to simplify your life. Pet Feeders

  • Improve The Function Of Your Hearing Aid: Cut Out Background Noise With A Microphone Accessory

    About 50 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. Having hearing difficulties can affect your everyday life. Even if you have a hearing aid, the background noises at restaurants, sporting events, or even the workplace can make it hard to engage in conversation with other people. Fortunately,  microphone devices are available that sync with hearing aids to help reduce background noise, allowing you to hear and engage in the conversation in a variety of situations.