• 5 Tips For Growing A Successful Wildflower Meadow

    Do you have some unused yard space that you think would make a fabulous wildflower meadow? If so, you can maximize your chances of growing a great wildflower meadow by following a few simple strategies. Here are five ways to maximize your chances of creating a lovely and healthy wildflower meadow: Prepare the Site Properly Even wildflowers that are native to the area usually aren't nearly as competitive as weeds, so you'll need to begin the war on weeds right from the start.

  • Sturdy Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture Materials

    Eco-friendly, or green furniture is not exclusively for indoor use.  You can furnish your yard or patio with environmentally-friendly outdoor furniture that's sturdy and yes, attractive.  When looking for furniture from a company like Carol's Design House labeled sustainable and non-toxic, seek out these materials. Hardwoods A variety of sustainably grown hardwoods are used in making eco-friendly furniture.  Here are some of the most popular. Teak Teak is a tropical hardwood.  It's also a wonderful material for outdoor furniture.

  • Xeriscaping Methods For A Drought-Prone Lawn

    Xeriscaping is becoming an increasingly popular landscaping method particularly for gardeners living in drought-prone areas. Xeriscaping is a landscaping method that incorporates the use of plants that require minimal water and utilizing other measures to retain moisture and thus minimizing water need. The following guide shows you how to create a xeriscape lawn and an environment that can thrive with very little water. Using the Right Plants The primary key to xeriscaping is selecting plants that are able to survive with minimal watering.

  • Dealing With Carpenter Bees On Your Property

    Carpenter bees are a common pest on many residential properties across the United States--particularly in the Midwest. Aside from being a hazard to people who are allergic to bee stings, they can also be a hassle for property owners, as carpenter bees are known to burrow into wood structures to build their nests. Read on to learn how to detect carpenter bees on your property, get rid of them, and keep them from coming back.

  • Add Teal Antiqued Furniture into Farmhouse Home Decor in 4 Steps

    Farmhouse decor is a beautiful trend that brings warmth and friendliness into a space. One of the most popular trends among farmhouse chic is using teal antiqued furniture to add a pop of color to a room. Hutches, entertainment centers, and shelves all look beautiful in teal and add an alluring contrast to rooms without overwhelming them. These can also be done as DIY projects at home that are inexpensive and easy while giving a room a fantastic chic feel.

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