• Three Reasons To Replace The Glass In Your Windows

    Just because your window panes aren't broken doesn't mean that you don't need to replace the glass. There are several reasons why you might need to replace the glass in a window that looks completely normal. Use this guide to help you determine if it's time to call your window glass replacement expert. Your Double Pane Windows Have Lost Their Seals Double pane windows work because of the gas that is trapped between the two layers of glass.

  • Pest Hunters: 4 Beneficial Insects To Patrol Your Garden

    One of the most effective ways of dealing with common garden pests is through the use of beneficial insects, such as lacewings and ladybugs. Once released into your yard or garden, these tiny predators do what comes naturally: They eat. By releasing the right insects at the right time, you can put a serious dent in the local pest population. Lacewings Adult lacewings are of little benefit to gardeners. Commonly seen around porch lights, these delicate, green insects primarily subsist on nectar.

  • Consider Using Bamboo In Your Next Landscaping Project

    When people think of bamboo they often think of the Asian varieties, but there actually are a few varieties that are native to the US. Whether you are going to make use of an imported or native variety, bamboo is a versatile material to add to your landscaping design. Use it as a Plant The simplest use of bamboo in landscaping is as a planting. When using it for this, it is important to research what kind of bamboo you are planting, because there are two main varieties.

  • 4 Gift Ideas For DIY Enthusiasts

    Is the do-it-yourself enthusiast in your life hard to buy for? Do they have every tool under the sun already? Buying gifts for fans of DIY work/home improvement can be difficult due to the fact that they'll usually buy what they need immediately and make what they can't buy. Luckily, fun, do-it-yourself gift ideas or gift ideas that are a little more unique are always a good idea. Fun and unique gift ideas are also, well, more fun!

  • How To Use A Fridge Door To Track The Inventory For Your Restaurant

    When you own a restaurant, keeping track of all of the food that needs to be ordered from week to week can be difficult. You will have staff working at different shifts and the lines of communication can often be lost during all of the hustle and bustle of daily activities. If you want to be sure that your chefs always have the supplies they need to prepare delicious meals for your customers, consider creating a centralised location where all information can be written where everyone can easily see it.

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