• 5 Crucial Tips For Installing Paver Patios

    Any outdoor area can be transformed into a happening entertainment spot with the help of a few pavers. Paver patios are relatively inexpensive and, when done correctly, make a complementary yet functional addition to your backyard landscape. When installing paver patios, you should always keep these important tips in mind for the best results: Plant Your Pavers on Solid Ground Having a firm, stable foundation is an important first step towards installing your ideal paver patio.

  • 5 Fire-Resistant Landcaping Shrubs For Your Commerical Property

    Did you know that your commercial landscaping can play a significant role in fire safety? The shrubs that you select as accent plants on your business property, for instance, can act as ladders that carry fire upwards and into buildings and trees. Although there are no truly fireproof plants, some shrubs are more fire-resistant than others. To create a fire-resistant landscape, you should stick with deciduous shrubs as opposed to conifer because conifer sap contains flammable resins that aren't present in deciduous vegetation.

  • Black Mold Removal: Why Hiring A Professional Is The Best Solution

    If you are aware that there is black mold in your home, you must make sure it is removed by a professional as soon as possible. The spores from the mold can spread all over your house and cause problems with your health that can become severe. Below, you will find out why hiring a professional is the best solution for removing black mold and how it can affect your health if you don't.

  • Deterring Urban Raccoons

    Raccoons might just be the cutest pest around, but that doesn't change the damage they do and the costs they incur. Homeowners should think of them just as they do any pest, and should take steps to deter them and prevent the damage from occurring. Controlling raccoons is similar to controlling other mammalian pests; you need to be aware of their preferred environment and habitat, know what their behavior is, and take action to deter them.

  • Be Aware Of These National Holidays And Observances If Moving Overseas

    You've organized and packed and hired a reputable company like Hollander Storage & Moving for your big international move.  You only need to decide on a moving date.  Do you know the major holidays and observances of the country you'll be moving to?  If you don't, arriving during one can cause you major headaches. Here are the better known global holidays, festivals and observances. China - National Day. This holiday starts on October 1st and in spite of its name, lasts more than one day.

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