• Decorate Your Home's Windows With Ancient-Looking Halloween Curtains

    As you are decorating your home's interior for Halloween this year, don't forget to adorn you windows with spooky decorations. Turn your window into a haunted house window with tattered curtains that flutter in the nighttime breeze. These instructions will teach you how to make two types of haunted curtains for your home windows. Indoor-only Haunted Curtains For a set of spooky, tattered Halloween curtain decorations, you will only need to buy a roll of black crepe paper streamers for each window.

  • Tips For Your Next Fall Barbecue

    The air has gotten cooler and crisper over the last several weeks, and if you live in an area that will soon be welcoming Old Man Winter, you might be thinking about throwing one last outdoor party. Having a barbecue in the fall is a great way to enjoy what's left of the nice weather with your friends and family. Here are some tips on making the most of your outdoor space by inviting everyone over for some hearty fall fare, games and fun.

  • 4 Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Isn't Cold Enough

    Have you ever went to grab an ice cold drink out of the refrigerator only to end up pulling out warm juice, pop or water? At some point in time or another, it has probably happened to the majority of individuals. While you expect your fridge to be cold, there are instances where something goes wrong and alters the temperature inside. Consider some of the common reasons why your refrigerator isn't as cold as it should be.

  • Repairing Glass At Home And On The Road

    Smash! The sound of a broken window somewhere in the house. The first thought is "is everyone and everything alright"? Once that is dealt with, the second thought is, "how do I fix this mess"? Glass repair is definitely not a do-it-yourself project. You will need a professional for this one. Even if a window is not completely broken, cracks compromise weather seals on multiple pane windows. This can lead to moisture between the panes and window fogging.

  • 3 Ways To Make Moving With Pets Easier

    Moving is always hard. Moving with pets is even harder. Pets can't understand what is happening, and all the commotion around moving can end up being very stressful to them. Since you love your pets, you want for the move to go as smoothly as possible. With just a few suggestions, you can make your move easier.  1. Get them used to crates.  A crate is the safest way to transport your pet.